Have you ever made leprechaun traps with your kids? We never have but during Christmas time my daughter was OBSESSED with try to capture our elf on the shelf so I knew this year we had to start this tradition! 

How does it work?

  Create a tiny trap that will entice the sneaky little lad (or lass) into the trap by using something they can’t resist like gold coins or lucky charms! Get creative! You can use what you have lying around the house or grab some festive supplies next time you’re at the store! Will you catch the leprechaun? Who knows! But I hear he leaves a little surprise if he escapes! My oldest is really into security cameras right now so I’m just praying she doesn’t ask me for footage of the great escape. HA 

What you’ll need:

Remember you can make this trap however you please! This is just how I made it and what I used. 

  • mini rainbow pinata
  • paper straws
  • lucky charms 
  • sign to tell the lil lad what he’s in for 
  • bait (lucky charm or golden coins) 
  • hot glue gun 

This was one of the easiest Diys I’ve ever done! The rainbow pinata really did all of the work on its own! I just cut out a spot on the top for the leprechaun to get in, made the ladder out of paper straws and added the sign! That’s it! And it turned out super cute if I do say so myself!                                                                                                                                                                           

I created two versions of the sign you can download HERE

If you end up using one of these signs in your own trap be sure to tag me on instagram @theshowgals so I can see all your fun creations! It always makes my day!