Spring has sprung and now it’s time to start thinking about our mamas! Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for your own mother or a list to casually send to your husband there is something for everyone and every price range! I of course will be posting a few DIY gifts over on instagram leading up to mother’s day so stay tuned for those!

   I added things that I personally have and love or want! I also have a gift guide for grandma up that you can find here if you are looking for gifts geared towards grandma for mother’s day!

  1. Slippers – A classic gift that just hits every time. I love this “sandal” version for the upcoming warm months ahead!
  2. Initial necklace – Another classic gift but seriously I think all moms are a sucker for sentimental gifts like these!
  3. Air pods – Sometimes us moms just need to drown out the noise sometimes! HA
  4. Candelabra – This gorgeous modern candelabra is the PERFECT gift for the mom into home decor.
  5. Iced Coffee Glass – Tis the season of iced coffee! I have been on a mission to find a good cup for iced coffee because iced coffee deserves the same thought into glassware as hot coffee! I love how this one is glass, has a nice grip sleeve and has a silicone straw! As if drinking coffee couldn’t get any better!
  6. Plant Book – “How to raise a plant and make it love you back” The perfect gift for new plant moms and experienced ones a like. I have had this book for a few years now and still reference it! It is easy to reference and filled with great info! Plus it looks adorable on your bookshelf!
  7. Electric tea kettle – This tea kettle is seriously the cutest thing and would look adorable on your kitchen counter! It also comes in black and white if pink is a little bold for your taste.
  8. Espresso machine – This one is a splurge but in my opinion, WORTH IT! We wanted one for years and now that we have pulled the trigger I have zero buyers remorse! I can’t say enough good things about this machine. What can I say? Caffeine makes me a better person!
  9. Volcano Candle – This will forever be on every gift guide of mine because I love it so much and it really just never gets old!
  10. Revlon Dry Brush – Incase your mom doesn’t already have this super popular hair styling tool. It really does live up to all the hype
  11. Silk Pillowcase  – Silk pillowcases are the key to make your hairstyle last longer and keeping your hair and skin healthy! This little switch makes a huge difference and is everyday self care we don’t even have to put effort into!
  12. BirkenstocksI have officially worn my birkenstocks to their death so I am in the market for new ones. I LOVE this color! These are worth the money, you will have them for years and want to wear them every day because they are just so comfy!

I also wanted to give some ideas for experiences! Personally, these are the gifts I would prefer! As moms taking time to actually DO things for ourselves is the hardest part so giving this as a gift would be the ULTIMATE gift!

Experience gift ideas:

  1. A solo getaway – I’m starting out with the bang here! As I write this I am on a plane by myself for the first time since having kids. So maybe its the circulated airplane air but this is the refresh I didn’t know I needed! Getting away all by myself has been a reminder that I am a individual. That may seem pathetic to some but after having kids it’s really easy to forget that you’re more than a mom and wife. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate get away, even a weekend staycation where she can enjoy a meal alone would be perfection! But if you want to send her somewhere warm that includes a spa day, I’m sure there will be no complaints. I promise the mom in your life will come back feeling refreshed and be a better mom and wife! So really, it’s a gift for everyone!
  1. Fulfill something on their bucket list – how fun would it be to see your mom sky dive?! This would be such a fun unexpected gift and is perfect for the mom who has everything and is impossible to surprise!
  2. A Bonding activity – Go do something WITH your mom! Like high tea or a pedicure. The memories will be priceless!

I hope that this gave you some Inspo for the mom in your life! But ultimately it really is the thought that counts with moms!

Happy Mother’s day!