This post is sponsored by Pepperidge Farm®, but all opinions are my own.
Imagine a Sunday morning all to yourself…. What would you do? I know what I would do!  I’d cozy up in my bed that I don’t spend nearly as much time in as I would like and have a slow morning with an oat milk latte and a sweet treat! Oh my gosh, just typing that out feels like a dream! 
I know what you’re thinking…. But what kind of sweet treat would you have? WELL, I found the most delicious cookie that tastes like an actual dream! It’s the new Pepperidge Farm® Thin & Crispy Butter Pecan cookies! Rich creamery butter and crunchy pecans, combined with other familiar ingredients like real eggs and vanilla extract, give the new Thin & Crispy Butter Pecan cookies a fresh from the oven taste. I brought home two bags of them and the first one was gone within the first hour! So you could say they were a hit with the whole family. 


These are the first nut-based cookies that the Farmhouse line offers and it is a whole new flavor experience! This must be why I love them so much! I am such a sucker for anything with nuts. 

I mean just look at that cookie! So thin and delicious! Can you tell I’m obsessed yet? A buttery and rich cookie that melts in your mouth, made with no artificial flavors or preservatives and kitchen pantry ingredients like:
  • Real Eggs
  • Real Vanilla
  • Crunchy Pecans
  • Creamery Butter
The only thing that could make this morning better is a whole day of binge watching Bridgerton for the 5th time. HA
After a start to a day like this I am feeling recharged! It’s amazing how a little peace & quiet mixed with caffeine and a delicious treat can have you feeling brand new again! 


I don’t get to sit and enjoy coffee in silence often but when I do I want to have these cookies in hand right there with it! You can purchase these cookies now at your local Walmart or online