The time has come to potty train my youngest daughter! I can’t believe we will soon be out of diapers forever! With my oldest I was SO STRICT when it came to potty training! I read a book and followed it like a bible! There were even times I pulled over on the side of the highway to break out our portable potty so she didn’t have a accident.

This time around I don’t have the option to be so militant with school drop offs and after school activities and honestly I am kind of happy about that!

With Potty training comes rewards! We started out using m&m’s but my daughter started hoarding them in her hands and they were making a big mess so we switched to mini marshmallows and they’ve been a hit!

I used the famous ceramic gum ball machine from the target dollar spot & created a punny little tag to add to the treat jar along with some cute yarn/ribbon to spruce it up. I created two versions for you guys! You can download the pink version here and the gender neutral one here

From one potty training mom to another; May the odds be ever in your favor!