Men are the hardest to shop for am I right?! Woman are easy (generally speaking of course) If I need a gift for a Woman but don’t know what to get them I know I can get a candle or cute pair of earrings and know they will love it! Men on the other hand….well at least the ones in my life; have what they need and really don’t ask for anything else! 

  I had my husband help me put this gift guide together so you know it’s a good one coming from mister “I don’t need anything” himself. The best part is everything on this list is from amazon so you will get your gift in plenty of time for Father’s Day!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links

1.Home Brewing Starter Kit 

  The perfect gift for the microbrew loving Dad! I bought this same set for my husband 5 years ago for Christmas & he still LOVES it! You will get to reek the benefits of the delicious beer he makes too so win, win for everyone! He will eventually need bottles too so you can either save the ones you go through or buy empty ones here :

Home Brewing Starter Set:

2.Bug O Salt Gun

  It’s fly season and we all know the traditional fly swatter doesn’t cut it most of the time. So might as well have a little fun with taking care of those pesky flies! 

Bug O Salt gun:

3. Power Washer

  My husband loves hand washing our cars and this is one thing he has actually asked for! With over 10,000 5 star reviews this one definitely seems like a winner!

Power Washer:

4. Cole Haan Sneakers

  Not your average dad sneaker! These shoes are not only fashionable but also comfortable!

Cole Haan Sneakers:

5. Stingray Wallet

  As long as I have known my husband he has had this wallet. This unique wallet is quiet the conversation piece. Everywhere we go people are always asking about Tyler’s wallet when he takes it out. Not only is it a unique gift, it is also excellently made. My husband has only had 2 of them since 2008!! 

Stingray Wallet:

6. Cocktail Mixer Set

  This is the one gift that seems pretty fool proof to me. Who doesn’t want a set to make all the drinks?! 

Cocktail Mixer Set:

7.Scratch off Map

  For the Dad that travels. I bought these for both my husband and Father in law for Christmas and it was a HIT!

Scratch off Map:

8. Hue Smart Bulbs

  For the tech loving Dads!

I can’t take credit for this one in fact I hadn’t even heard of these until my friend suggested I add them to this list! Apparently all the men in her life are obsessed with them and after looking at them I want some for myself! You can change the hue of your lights in every room from your phone! How cool is that?!

Phillips Hue Smart Bulbs:

I hope these ideas make your Father’s Day shopping a little easier! 

X O,