I rarely watch Jimmy Fallon’s the tonight show, but I did watch a episode with Kim Kardashian where she had to put her hands in a box without seeing what was in it and had to guess what it was…..THE HORROR! It was however, very entertaining. Then later on I saw someone do something similar as a sensory activity! I thought it would be so fun to combine the two to create this fun “What’s in the box” game for the whole family!

  a few friends and I decided to get together and share some fun DIY games for you to enjoy. The links to their posts will be linked down below so be sure to check them out!

  Like all my projects lately, everything I used I already had on hand. We bought a gallon of paint last year to paint Macy’s room and it has lasted so long and is the reason all my projects recently have been the same shade of pink. I’m actually counting down the days until it runs out so I can justify buying different color paint for future projects! All you really need is a cardboard box, exact-O knife and tissue paper. Buuuut if you’re super extra like me and want to give it a little flair you can use whatever you have on hand to jazz it up! 


Here is everything I used:

Cardboard box

Exact-O knife

Tissue paper or streamers


Fringe yarn

Hot glue

Step one: Cut the box

Tape one side of the box close and cut off the other side’s flaps off. 

  Then I used a vase as a stencil for the holes to put your arms through. Make sure they are big enough for both kid and adult arms to fit through.


Step 2:

Paint the box.

  I don’t really need to explain how to paint a box but I will add that is is totally optional. I only added one coat of paint. 

Step 3: 

  To make the curtains I laid two pieces of tissue paper on top of one another and folded it accordion style. Then I cut along the creases creating two panels at a time. 

Step 4: 

  After creating the curtains I hot glued them to the top of the box (the same side the holes are on) I creased them slightly so that they fall down straight 

Step 5: 

   I then hot glued yarn around the edge of the box to hide where I had cut it.                

 I always try to include Macy in picking the details out. She loves being apart of every project and it gets her even more excited for the activity itself. With that being said, the yarn she picked out for this part was not my first choice but it sure did add some sparkle!  

Step 6: 

  Lastly, I cut a piece of yarn about 7 inches long, folded it in half, then measured half way down the box and hot glued the middle of the sting to the box to create a tie for the curtains.

  We put all kinds of different things in the box. Like toys, fruit, slime, & whipped cream to name a few. Make sure everyone is closing their eyes so they can’t see what is inside! Macy kept “forgetting” that part and somehow knew exactly what everything was in the box the first few times she did it…..suspicious! 

  This game was so easy to make and was the product of some quality family time and LOTS of laughter!

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