Family movie night is kind of a big deal around here! Its something we look forward to every few weeks for some family, bonding time!  We put our two couches together to make a big bed, gather all the blankets off our bed, pop popcorn and of course, get our favorite candy!

A couple months ago I felt like Macy and I really needed some bonding time so one night while Tyler was gone and after I put Ruby down, I surprised Macy with a Mommy daughter date night! It was so special and exactly what we both needed. Now that we have been stuck in the house for a few months we’ve had a lot of time together but somehow I still felt like we needed that quality time again.

I remember as a kid my Mom would make little things feel so magical! I really wanted take this opportunity to do the same for Macy so I pulled out all the stops for this one! When I first moved out of my Mom’s house she let me go through totes of all her old clothes from the 90’s and I found these magenta silk pj’s that I loved and still wear today. Since I was trying to make things extra special like she used to I HAD to put on her pajamas too! I know, I’m weirdly sentimental but I just can’t help it!

I created a little invitation to make it more formal since Macy is all about the dramatics ( & let’s be honest, so am I) with specific instructions that NO babies or boys were allowed! 

Since I was trying to make this a little extra special I decorated my room with balloons and cut out letters with my Cricut to make this fun banner. I bought the letter balloons at hobby lobby and I seriously love that they can be used more than once!

First, we started by applying our mud masks. Macy LOVES face masks and seriously asks to do them every day! Apparently Tyler felt left out because he snuck in to join us for this part and of course I had to document it. He was seriously born to be a girl dad!

Then after snapping a few pictures we cuddled up and watched ‘The little mermaid 2’ on Disney+. We ate popcorn, candy and had drinks from our favorite, local soda shop! If you’re ever in Vegas you need to stop by POP drinks; We’re obsessed!

I hope this inspires you to set a date with your littles soon too! I really believe that carving out time for some one on one time with each kiddo is so important for your relationship. I can’t wait for Ruby to get older so I can have more moments like these. I hope it’s something they always remember like how I remember dancing around the house singing into hairbrushes with my mom! It never has to be anything elaborate, as long as it’s some good, quality, phone free, one on one time!


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