This pandemic has been catastrophic there’s no denying that. But there has also been so much good! One of them is seeing my community rally together. First it was hosting a food drive in our community for those who had been laid off, then having epic drive by Birthday parades even for people they had never met! One day my friend added me to a sub Facebook group, different from our main community group called “Mountain’s edge Surprise Squad”. When I started scrolling the page I realized the main premise was to surprise other moms with a basket of some sort of Booze and other treats! The only rule? PAY IT FORWARD!

  Obviously I was in right away! Who doesn’t want to be surprised with wine, hard seltzers and treats?! The first day I was apart of the group I had two surprises at my door!  As the group has evolved they now have themed weeks and not every surprise includes alcohol but for the ones that do we like to call it “the booze fairy”. I love anything that makes people feel special and this really is a great way to bring a community together. I just had to share it with you all too! 

  When I started to think about what I wanted to put into my packages I knew I wanted to include something for everyone in the family! Here is what I included: 

  • 4 Truly lemonades 
  • Custom wine glass I made with my Cricut 
  • Homemade cookies (you know I had to add some baked goods)
  • Coloring pages (i created a few you can download here dinosaur coloring page  Mermaid coloring page) 
  • Crayons for the coloring pages of course
  • Fruit snacks


  Macy has been OBSESSED with everything being fancy and I have to admit it is totally rubbing off on me! So I made the packaging nice and fancy with sequins and a fluffy tassel. I also created a fun tag that you can download at the end of this post. Speaking of Macy, when she found out I was doing something with the word “fairy” in it she had her wings on before I had the heart to tell her this wasn’t made for kids. But lucky for her I couldn’t fit everything into one bag anyways so I let her help with the bag filled with all the “extras” and I took care of the bag with the alcohol!

  We had so much fun dropping these off and running as fast as we could back to the car so we didn’t get caught! I suggest having a getaway driver because running back, getting Macy in/out of the carseat and driving away fast enough so we didn’t get caught was quite the challenge by myself. We went out again the next week with my husband and it went MUCH smoother!

  Like I mentioned above it’s not ALL booze. I’ve seen lots of homemade goodies that have been surprised as well! Taquitos, Cupcakes in a jar, cookies, Also things like Starbucks, donuts, pizzas, literally anything! It really is the thought that counts here! Whenever I bake from now I plan on just making a double batch to give away! (I love doing this regardless but this group gives me even more of a reason to bake!)

if you don’t have a something similar to the surprise squad in your community I encourage you to start one! Or if that seems like a bit much, surprise a friend or loved one! There is no better medicine for the soul than putting a smile on someone’s face!

I’ve created some free printable tags for you that you can download below:

You’ve been boozed tag – yellow

You’ve been boozed tag – pink

Greetings from the surprise fairy – I made this one for the surprises that don’t contain any alcohol 

If you decide to do this for yourself be sure to tag me on instagram @theshowgals so I can I see all the fun things you guys come up with!